Yahweh has called some to be ordained to officially preach and teach The Gospel of The Kingdom.

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Ordination by 1123 Ministries requires that you demonstrate an increasing and active understanding of The Written Word of God and faith. We do not ordain for a fee and statement of faith or history in church only; our program requires more than that. Faith without corresponding action is void, and we must know you believe what you profess to believe.

The 1123 Ministries Ordination program runs September through April with the completion ceremony held at the annual MMGT Conference the last weekend in April. Work is completed at your own pace with two scheduled activities per month. Everything must be completed to qualify for ordination.

This program must be completed for all those desiring licensing into service with 1123 Ministries.

*You must check with your local, county and state departments for specific operating requirements. Most municipalities do not require that you register unless you're operating as a business entity, but it's your responsibility to research and meet the requirements.

Cost: $150 for Partners/$250 Others

Materials: New Bible version (Choose a version you've never read before. Example, if you've never read the NLT you may choose it. Or if you've never read the TLV, choose that. If you've never read The Voice, you may choose that version.)
Personal 7-Month Bible Reading Plan